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Steel Framing

Light Gauge Steel 

Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel has some major benefits.

Firstly the price: Steel is competitive against timber framing and with a shorter build time, there is less labour to pay for.

Peace of mind: There is a 50 Year Warranty (durability statement) on all steel framing. It will not rot, warp or expand, so the house stays watertight. And because it won’t rot, it’s also healthier to live in. Steel is resistant to fire, as well as borer and termites. A solid investment!

Its greener: Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is sustainable and a great environmental choice. There is also no waste. Every piece is cut to precise length, punched, pre-drilled, labelled and often assembled before it leaves the factory.

Light gauge steel is 100% recyclable. Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is ‘green’ being the most recycled product in the world!


  • The slender profile of steel, its strength and light-weight makes it an ideal option and no cranes are required to assemble the framework, which saves time and money
  • What would you prefer to do, chop down 40 to 50 trees or recycle six to seven cars? That`s what it takes to prefabricate a steel frame for the average house
  • Many appreciate the simplicity of the screw-together framing, especially as there is no need for special tools on site
  • Our light gauge steel is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites as there is minimum disruption and disturbance to the native vegetation. It is particularly suited to sloping sites where access is difficult.


” As builders we need a good framing partner, and the switch to light gauge steel framing was clearly the right choice, backed up by the team at Tiny Home Solutions – we’ve never had to look back. ” – Rob T.

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Light Gauge Steel Framing
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